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For over 250 years, Salter has been the UK’s leading food weighing scales brand. Salter kitchen scales have been developed to enable total confidence in the kitchen. Whether you’re baking cakes or cooking a delicious dinner, you will need to start your preparation with accurate food measurements. Our selection of digital kitchen scales, have been developed with innovative features allowing you to cook your favourite recipes with ease. Salter also caters for those who prefer a more traditional method of weight management with a range of mechanical kitchen scales. With a variety of colours and modern designs, you can also find the perfect kitchen accessories for your home.

Image of Disc Electronic Black Kitchen Scale

Disc Electronic Black Kitchen Scale

These slim design electronic kitchen scales from Salter ™ come with a 15 year guarantee, can measure a maximum of 5kg in 1g increments and also have a "Tare" function. Easy to clean and slim enough to store standing on its side!

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Image of Disc Electronic Silver Kitchen Scale

Disc Electronic Silver Kitchen Scale

This Salter Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale is easy to clean and store and looks great in your kitchen. Measures solids and liquids accurately in metric or imperial.

Image of Disc Electronic White Kitchen Scale

Disc Electronic White Kitchen Scale

This Salter 1036 disc platform scale comes in a sleek finish and ultra slim design. The stainless steel platform disc is easy to clean, making it an ideal solution to any busy kitchen. Measurements are shown on a LCD display screen in an easy to read...

Image of Disk Electronic Green Kitchen Scale

Disk Electronic Green Kitchen Scale

These modern digital kitchen scales from Salter feature an ultra slim design with stainless steel disc platform which is hygienic and easy to clean. The handy Add & Weigh zero function allows for measurement of multiple ingredients in the same...

Image of Salter 1035 Aquantronic Kitchen Scale

Salter 1035 Aquantronic Kitchen Scale

This stainless steel platform kitchen scale comes with a aquatronic electronic scale.With a stainless steel platform and zero function.This scale features a hanging hole for wall mounting, aquatronic function for measuring liquids and easy to read LCD...

Image of Salter 1089 Electronic Bowl Scale

Salter 1089 Electronic Bowl Scale

Accurate, versatile and compact, this Salter Electronic Bowl Scale is a kitchen essential. Designed for ease of use, it measures both liquids and dry ingredients, giving results in litres, UK pints, fluid ounces and US cups. The easy to read display clearly...

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Image of Salter 15kg Max Chopping Board Digital Kitchen Scale

Salter 15kg Max Chopping Board Digital Kitchen Scale

These Max Chopping Board Digital Kitchen Scale from Salter can weigh a maximum of 15kg in 1g increments.

Image of Salter 3003 Aquatronic Kitchen Scale

Salter 3003 Aquatronic Kitchen Scale

Salter Aquatronic Electronic Kitchen Weighing Scales - simply put dry and liquid ingredients into a bowl and use the special conversion button to switch from kg/lb to ml/fl.oz. - Hygenic Glass Platform, resistant to staining and flavour carry-over, automatically...

Image of Salter 5kg Glass Electronic Kitchen Scales - Black

Salter 5kg Glass Electronic Kitchen Scales - Black

With an easy to read digital LCD display with 20mm digits, these ultra slim electronic scales have a range of features to help you in the kitchen.

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Image of Salter 800 Aqua Weigh Scale

Salter 800 Aqua Weigh Scale

Salter is the UK's number one for domestic scales and as such, you can always expect an accurate reading and reliable performance.The 800 aqua weigh scale allows transition from solid to liquid measurement and return to zero when adding multiple ingredients....

Salter Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scales from Salter© are divided into 3 groups, namely Digital Kitchen Scales, Mechanical Kitchen Scales and Jug and Bowl Kitchen Scales. We have an extensive range of Salter Kitchen Scales to choose from.

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What are Salter Kitchen Scales?

Salter Kitchen Scales are very easy to use. They come in a variety of styles and colours in both Mechanical and Electronic.

Pros of Salter Kitchen Scales
  • Most have a 15 year warranty
  • Stylish and practical
  • A scale for every occasion
  • Well respected and trusted brand
Cons of Salter Kitchen Scales
  • They tend to be more expensive.

Buying a Salter Kitchen Scale?

Here is some helpful advice and things to look out for and be aware of when purchasing your new scales.

Salter Digital Kitchen Scales

When we bake or cook we all add to and take away from recipes, doing this accurately is a must for consistent results. Using a set of Salter Digital Kitchen Scales is just the thing for this task

When looking for a new set of scales, consider how you'll store them. Digital scales tend to be slim in design and can be slotted into small spaces. After all they don't need to be on display all the time. If you use them regularly, an easy clean and durable surface like stainless steel is a good option. Most digital scales have an "Add & Weigh" or "Tare" feature which means you can zero the scales with ingredients still on and then add the next ingredient without having to dispense anything in the process - this saves on washing up - bonus! Do you need accuracy to 1g? Some Salter scales can manage this but be sure to check this using our handy product filter.

Salter Mechanical Kitchen Scales

With mechanical scales, adding ingredients and therefore weight to the bowl activates a spring that moves the dial on the display to reflect the correct weight. These scales can usually take a lot of weight and you don’t need batteries. Mechanical Scales usually don't have a "Add & Weigh" or "Tare" function. Mechanical Scales can make a real statement in your kitchen, they look good, come in a range of funky colours and don't need batteries so you'll always be ready to bake.


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Salter© Warranty

All SALTER© products carry a manufacturer's guarantee; the time period of the guarantee will be different for each product. Salter will provide a standard 12 month guarantee on all purchases. To get the most out of your new Salter purchase, head on over to Salter© UK Opens in New Tab and register for your extended guarantee within 30 days of purchase.

Faulty Goods

If your item is faulty or develops a fault within the time period stated under Warranties & Guarantees, we will pay reasonable costs for the goods to be returned. Please contact us in advance regarding our returns procedure as refunds cannot be processed without the correct information being provided.

Reasonable care must be taken to ensure the returned goods are not damaged in transit and proof of postage must be obtained.

In the event that we cannot provide an exact replacement, a similar product will be offered. If we cannot provide an exact or similar replacement, a full refund will be offered.

Any damages from day to day wear and tear are not covered by this guarantee.

If an item is not available due to stock shortages we will offer a full refund or an alternative product.

If an alternative product is purchased but you decide you wish to return it Salter will pay reasonable costs of returning the product.

Good to know about...


Most kitchen scales measure in both metric and imperial units.


Mechanical scales don't use batteries. Electronic scales require batteries to operate. This indicated the battery type required.


The manufacturers warranty period. Salter kitchen scales usually have a 15 year warranty.

Max Capacity

Each scale will have a maximum weight it can weigh. Exceeding the maximum weight on electronic scales can lead to permanent damage.


This is the accuracy the scales will measure in usually in grams and or ounces.


The styling refers to the look - Choose from modern, retro, traditional and professional.

Bowl Included

Some scales include a bowl to measure ingredients in and some don't.

Auto Off

This only refers to electronic scales where they turn off automatically after a set period of time when not in use.


This is the ability to zero the weight at any point. Useful for weighing multiple ingredients in the same bowl.

A note on maintenance...

Most scales only require wiping with a damp cloth. Avoid using excessive water on electronic scales as this could leak into the digital displays. Never fully immerse into water.

About Salter

Established in 1760 and originally a family business, Salter has been handed down through generations and is proud to have shared our innovation with customers for over 260 years. The UK’s number one brand for both kitchen and bathroom scales, Salter also delivers an extended range of ovenware, cookware and kitchen appliances.

Starting out as a spring manufacturer, the Salter brand has adapted and moved with the ever-changing landscape to make life just that little bit easier for our customers. Whether you’re a style conscious shopper looking to stay on top of the latest cookware trends or simply looking to invest in quality kitchen products, Salter has something for every home.

Salter has been built on family values and after 260 years of bringing people together, we’re proud of the role we’ve played in the lives of our customers. Whether you’ve cooked for your family with Salter pans, baked with loved ones using Salter scales or spent special moments over a cup of tea made with a Salter kettle, thanks for sharing in our journey.

Did you know?: As the business thrived, Salter formed a football team, the ‘West Bromwich Strollers’, and went on to lift the FA Cup in 1888 with seven Salter employee’s in the team. The team is still in existence to this day and is now known around the world as West Bromwich Albion Football Club.