Brabantia Digital Kitchen Scale with Timer

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Model: 480607   Brand: Brabantia

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Brabantia Digital Kitchen Scale with Timer


Stainless steel platform.Maximum capacity 5kg / 11lbs.Accurate, digital system: 1g/1/8 oz graduationsSelect grams, ounces, millilitres or fluid ouncesImperial and metric measurements.Clear, large LCD display with back lightManufacturer's 5 year guarantee.Add & weigh functionIntegrated hanging loop, and built in timer

Box Contents:

1 x Brabantia Digital Kitchen Scale with Timer
3 x AAA Batteries (required)

Category: Digital Scales
Brand: Brabantia
Colour: Black
Max Capacity: 5kg/11lb
Increments: 1g/0.035oz
Styling: Modern
Units: Metric/Imperial
Bowl Included: No Bowl
Auto Off: Unknown
Tare Function: Unknown
Power: Battery: AAA
Warranty: 5 years
Model: 480607
Weight: 0.380 kg
Dimensions: 215mm (w) x 125mm (d) x 34mm (h)

Preparing for first use

Open the battery compartment at the back of the scales and put in the batteries (3 x AAA). Ensure the +/- terminals are
correct. Close the battery compartment and put the scales on a flat table or worktop. The scales will enter the weighing
mode automatically. If there is a weight shown on the LCD, please touch TARE to set it to zero.

Switching on the scales and weighing

Use the scales only on a hard and flat surface. If needed, touch Scale (at the side of
the scales) to switch on and wait until the ‘0’ is shown in the LCD. Put the container in
the middle of the platform and the weight is shown on the display.

Change the weighing units

Touch UNIT to select the desired unit. You can select g, lb:oz, ml and fl.oz. Please
note: when the weight is over 16 ozs., ‘lb’ will be displayed with oz. After selecting the
weighing units the scales are ready for use.

The add and weigh system (Tare function)

Place your container in the middle of the scales, the LCD will now show the weight.
Touch TARE to set the weight again to zero and add the ingredients to the container
- the weight of the container will not be included. You can use the tare function many
times. Note: TARE will be displayed only when the weight of the container is over 600 g.

Using the cooking count down timer

- Touch Timer (at the side of the scales) to switch on the timer function. The display
will show the last used timer settings. You can reset the display to ‘0’ by touching
Timer for about 2 Seconds.
- To set the minutes, touch MIN and again to set the digit for minutes. To fast forward
the minutes, hold down.
- To set the seconds, touch SEC and again to set the digit for seconds. To fast forward
the seconds, hold down.
- After finishing the settings, touch Timer for starting the timer.
- In the count down process, you can touch Timer to pause and touch again to continue the timer.
- When the count down finishes, the scale will give a ‘beep-beep’ signal for 1 minute. You can touch any keys to stop the

Switch between timer and weighing

When the scales are in the timer mode, touch Scale to switch to weighing mode. If you switch when the timer is
working, it will continue counting unless you touch Scale for 2 seconds to turn off the scales. When the scales are in
weighing mode, just touch Timer to switch to the timer mode. The weighing function will be turned off.

Turn off the scales

Touch Scale for 2 seconds to turn off the scales.

Safety instructions

- The scales are suitable for domestic use only.
- Clean the scales with a damp cloth before use.
- Do not submerge the scales in water or any other liquid. The scales are not watertight neither dishwasher proof.
- The scales are only suitable for saucepans, bowls, ingredients etc. at room temperature.
- Do not exceed the capacity of the scales.
- Please dispose of used batteries in a responsible manner by recycling!
- Use the scales only on a flat, hard surface and place the object to be weighed in the middle of the scales for accurate
weighing results.
- Please do not put items on the platform when switching on the Scales.
- If the scales are not used for a long period, please remove the batteries.
- This product is a sensitive electronic instrument and as such may temporarily be affected by Radio Transmitting Devices
being used in close proximity to it. Additionally, extreme levels of Electrostatic Interference may cause this product to
temporarily malfunction. In such cases it may be necessary to remove and re-install the batteries to re-establish normal
working. If the problem persists then contact your local supplier.

Technical details

- Max. capacity 5000 gms/11 lbs – units 1 g/1/8 oz
- Minimal weight 2 g
- Battery: 3 x AAA 1.5 V
- Auto-off function: if the scales are not used, the back-light will turn off after 60 seconds and the scales will turn off
automatically after a further 3 minutes to save the batteries.

Brabantia Digital Kitchen Scale with Timer

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