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Image of Dancing Elephant Trio

Dancing Elephant Trio

Introducing the Heavily Sisters - the big attraction that's taking showbiz by storm. And these prancing pachyderms aren't just great fun. It's said that elephants with their trunks raised symbolise good luck. So you never know - it might be worth buying...

Image of Elephant on a Globe

Elephant on a Globe

To Bombay, a travelling circus came. They brought an intelligent elephant and Nellie was her name...' You see that's the thing about elephants - they are intelligent with brains several times the size of ours. Perhaps that's why they came to symbolise...

Image of Head of Aphrodite

Head of Aphrodite

The daughter of Zeus, she was Aphrodite to the ancient Greeks, Venus to the Romans and the inspiration for this faux marble head. Beautifully proportioned, our goddess is certain to bring a touch of classical elegance to her surroundings, whether they're...

Image of Rearing Horse Sculpture

Rearing Horse Sculpture

Inspired by the sculpture of Gianlorenzo Bernini (1598-1680), our rearing horse has all the dynamic panache associated with the Italian Baroque movement. Dramatic and infused with energy and a spirit of wildness and freedom, it's cast - from an original...

Image of Samurai Warrior

Samurai Warrior

Fierce and fearsome, desperate and dangerous, the Samurai lived and died by their swords. Who knows, maybe our warrior - exotically kitted out in his traditional armour - was part of the militia ordered to defeat the warlords and bring peace to the land....