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Image of Beetroot 'Kahira' (Egyptian Flat Rooted) - Heritage

Beetroot 'Kahira' (Egyptian Flat Rooted) - Heritage

Ideal for early sowings in frames and for successional sowing outside, Kahira is a flatter-rooted beet with smooth skin and a deep red, tender and flavoursome flesh. Roots grow mainly above the surface of the soil in a well-drained and sunny position...

Image of Cabbage 'Elisa' F1 Hybrid (Summer)

Cabbage 'Elisa' F1 Hybrid (Summer)

(Summer) Cabbage Elisa is a deliciously sweet tasting summer ball-head Cabbage of exceptional quality, producing compact, round, shiny heads which have good standing and are not prone to splitting. Plants also have good resistance to bolting. Ideal sliced...

Image of Carrot 'Adelaide' F1 Hybrid

Carrot 'Adelaide' F1 Hybrid

One of the earliest maturing varieties, Carrot 'Adelaide' will be your first carrot crop of the year. This RHS AGM variety is ideal for growing in cold frames and under cloches. The quick growing roots are delightfully crunchy with a delicious sweet flavour....

Image of Cleome hassleriana 'Helen Campbell'

Cleome hassleriana 'Helen Campbell'

Creates a bushy screen or adds height and interest to bedding displays. Her attractive, spiralling, scented sprays of flowers are sure to entice admiring glances

Image of Climbing Bean 'Selma Zebra' - Heritage

Climbing Bean 'Selma Zebra' - Heritage

This highly decorative French Bean makes a fabulous talking point in the vegetable garden, or even in your flower borders. Climbing Bean 'Selma Zebra' is a T&M reintroduction from 30 years ago, and still as eye catching as ever. The unusual marbled pods...

Image of Courgette 'Soleil' F1 Hybrid

Courgette 'Soleil' F1 Hybrid

The bushy plants of Courgette 'Soleil' produce huge yields of smooth, straight, yellow courgettes that are early maturing and fruit over a long period if cut regularly. In trials this superb garden variety showed better tolerance to powdery mildew than...

Image of Courgette 'Venus' F1 Hybrid

Courgette 'Venus' F1 Hybrid

This neat, compact variety is ideal for growing on the patio. Courgette 'Venus' has an impressively long season if harvested regularly, producing heavy crops of delicious, shiny, dark green, cylindrical fruits. This reliable courgette also holds an RHS...

Image of Leek 'Bleu de Solaise' - Heritage

Leek 'Bleu de Solaise' - Heritage

Reliable winter variety with short, heavy stems. Extremely winter hardy for Christmas to April harvest. The blue leaves may tinge purple during extremely cold weather. Distinctive blue-ish leaves make it an attractive dot plant in the flower borders

Image of Lettuce 'Great Lakes' (Iceberg/Crisphead) - Heritage

Lettuce 'Great Lakes' (Iceberg/Crisphead) - Heritage

Medium to large hearted, bright green leaved, crisp 'Iceberg' hearts which stand well without bolting during the hotter summer weather. Cut hearts store well in the refrigerator. Ideal for spring or summer sowing

Image of Onion 'Ciboule Red Dragon' (Bunching Onion)

Onion 'Ciboule Red Dragon' (Bunching Onion)

Forms a clump of slender elongated bulbs and long green stalks, similar to chives. A type of perennial bunching onion usually grown as an annual, and winter hardy. Quite pungent flavoured, use both the leaves and small bulbs.