My Salter kitchen scales 1066 BKDR08 now shows CAL on the display when I turn them on. Is there a remedy?

- Start by pressing the on/off button and the unit (g/oz) selector button simultaneously - this should initiate a reading of '1500' on the LCD display. Place a 1500g weight on the scales - this should be accepted and the next reading of '3000' should appear. Now place a 3000g weight on the scales - again this should be accepted and the scales will switch off. Turn the scales on again and you should be good to go!
- This didn't work for me so I did the following:
Took battery out, turned the scales over and removed the silver sticker warning not to put it in the refuse. Removed the two cross point screws & carefully pulled scales apart into two halves. Removed two small cross point screws holding the buttons circuit in place and cleaned the button sensors with rubbing alcohol, cleaned buttons them selves, reassembled and it worked straight away, good as new.

Salter Electronic Arc Kitchen Scale Black

Image of Salter Electronic Arc Kitchen Scale Black

Salter Electronic Arc Kitchen Scale Black

The Arc Electronic Scale is the latest in the Salter range of lightweight, compact, super-accurate scales, ideal for the home cook who wants to keep everything neatly tucked away. Ultra-slim and surprisingly light, it would fit easily into a kitchen drawer. It's also ultra sleek and ships with battery included.

Brand: Salter
Category: Digital Scales
Model: 1066BKDR08
Weight: 0.500 kg
Warranty: 15 Years
Dimensions: 220mm (w) x 220mm (d) x 380mm (h)

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